Globe Joins Energy Efficiency Benchmarking

Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation
December 14, 2011

Ayala-run telecommunications firm Globe Telecom will help up the ante on the country’s energy efficiency drive as it joined the EE benchmarking initiative spearheaded by a regional network it has been affiliated to.

The intent of the GSMA Mobile Energy Efficiency (MEE) benchmarking being spearheaded by Singapore Telecom’s wholly-owned subsidiary Optus, along with its regional mobile associates, will be “to drive energy cost savings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their network operations.”

Globe Telecom is strategically placed in Singtel’s regional affiliates, along with Airtel of India and Africa; Advanced Info Service of Thailand; Optus of Australia; Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd; Telkomsel of Indonesia; and Warid of Pakistan.

“The group companies will work with GSMA to benchmark their networks against industry peers using standard energy key performance indicators,” a press statement from Globe Telecom has noted. Such energy efficiency benchmarking collaboration was started last year, cornering participation from 34 operators in the more than 200 GSMA networks.

It has been noted that for the EE benchmarking exercise to bring results and “deliver long-term improvements,” it has to be undertaken annually with outcomes “tracked regularly against the benchmarks.”

As protecting the environment has become the global buzzword, industries are also becoming increasingly aware of their responsibilities in reducing their respective carbon footprints. In the menu of options, cutting down energy consumption is one that holds the key.

SingTel chief executive officer international Hui Weng Cheng sounded off that “energy efficiency is a strategic priority for the group and is an important step towards the adoption of future renewable energy and building a sustainable operation.”

He added the benchmarking drive aptly complements “our regional Go-Green initiative to pave the way towards a greener future.”

The result of the initiative, it was indicated, will then help companies involved in the process “to identify areas to raise power consumption efficiency.”