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About the Site

Welcome to the leading online hub for building energy and water benchmarking policies. We provide useful tools and resources that shed light on building performance in jurisdictions throughout the world. consists of four primary features, which are represented on the site's sidebar menu:

  1. Learn about a jurisdiction - A jurisdiction refers to a city, county, state, or country that currently has a building benchmarking policy or program. Clicking on a jurisdiction on the map, or on the jurisdiction’s flag, will take you to the associated individual jurisdiction page, which contains comprehensive policy information pertaining to that specific jurisdiction.
  2. Compare policies - The Policy Comparison Tool allows you to compare specific policy elements across multiple jurisdictions. Export a policy comparison report as a CSV file that can be used in Microsoft Excel, or copy the report and insert it into a PowerPoint presentation.
  3. Get updates - Find relevant news articles, blog posts, and announcements sorted chronologically. An orange corner at the top left of an update indicates an especially significant update.
  4. Find more resources – Explore additional background information on rating and disclosure polices, and follow links to other related content.


There are five types of content you will find on this site:

  1. Announcements - Important information about upcoming events, or recent releases.
  2. Blog Posts - Discussion or opinion pieces authored by experts in the field.
  3. Documents - External documents, generally in their original file format.  These may include actual legislative or regulatory language related to benchmarking policy, technical reports, general research, or presentations prepared for conferences or meetings.
  4. Graphics - Illustrations, posters, rating labels, tables or other visual content generally in a format suitable for incorporating into a presentation or report.
  5. News Articles - Journalistic media and other press materials.

The Institute for Market Transformation (IMT) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) launched this project in early 2011 to facilitate the sharing of global intelligence and best practices.  It was relaunched by IMT in May 2014, in partnership with the Global Buildings Performance Network (GBPN).

The Institute for Market Transformation (IMT) is a Washington, DC-based nonprofit organization promoting energy efficiency, green building and environmental protection in the United States and abroad. IMT’s work addresses market failures that inhibit investment in energy efficiency and sustainability in the building sector. For more information, please see

The Global Buildings Performance Network (GBPN) is a globally organized and regionally focused organization whose mission is to provide policy expertise and technical assistance to advance building energy performance and realize sustainable built environments for all.  For more information, please see

The NATURAL RESOURCES DEFENSE COUNCIL (NRDC) is a national, nonprofit organization of scientists, lawyers and environmental specialists dedicated to protecting public health and the environment. Founded in 1970, NRDC has 1.4 million members and online activists, headquartered in New York City, with offices in Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Montana and Beijing.