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Energy Benchmarking Regs: Boston Introduces; Minneapolis Adopts

Today, Mayor Thomas Menino announced the filing of the Building Energy Reporting and Disclosure Ordinance with the Boston City Council.

Boston would annually disclose its energy and water use in all of its facilities starting with 2012 building data. In following years, the ordinance would apply to nonresidential buildings greater than 25,000 square feet and residential buildings with 25 or more units.

For more information, see the city's press release

Earlier this month, Minneapolis became the first Midwestern city to adopt an energy benchmarking and disclosure law for commercial buildings.

The city council passed the proposal (with a vote of 13-0) to require large commercial building owners to annually measure and report energy consumption data. According to city data, commercial buildings account for around 35 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in Minneapolis.

Under the ordinance, the city will disclose data on its own buildings in 2013. Buildings over 100,000 square feet will need to comply in 2014, and the program will extend to 50,000 square feet in 2015. In total, the law will cover 630 buildings representing about 75 percent of the city’s total commercial square footage.


Effective Date: 
20 February 2013