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Energy Efficiency Ratings to be Compulsory for Home Sales

The Guardian
Thu, 2010-08-12

EU legislation means that from 2012 all homes for sale will require an energy efficiency rating to be carried out upfront. EU legislation will make it compulsory for energy efficiency ratings to be published in all UK homes for sale advertisements from 2012.


At the moment homeowners are required to commission an energy performance certificate (EPC) before putting a property on the market, but the results may not be available when potential purchasers first view it. From 2012 the EU Directive will make it compulsory for the ratings to be published upfront giving buyers vital "green" information.


The legislation will effectively put a green, amber or red energy efficiency grading on every For Sale board in the UK. It will also help the government to deliver its ambitious plans of reducing household carbon emissions by 29% by 2020.