How to Search


This site has two main places to search for policy resources: a Policy Map & Document Library.


  POLICY MAP         

Our interactive map allows you to learn about rating policy from the continent- all the way down to the city-level. Simply click on a highlighted jurisdiction to get info about it's policies. If there are multiple policies within a single location a number will appear next to that location's name.

For example, if you mouse over Asia and see something like this image (at right), that would mean there are 8 distinct policies within Asia. Simply click on a geographic region to delve deeper.

When you come upon a jurisdiction that has a distinct rating policy, it will pop up and give you the opportunity to "view documents in this area." Clicking that link will take you to our Document Library for a more rigorous advanced search.

We try our best to keep this map up-to-date. But things are happening every day in energy rating & disclosure! Please feel free to contact us about policies on the map that are old news or new policies we need to catch up to.




For the user who wants to hone in on specific kinds of documents and policies, we recommend the advanced search of our Document Library. Here you can browse by geography and content; you can also enter keywords and find all documents that contain certain phrases. You are able to sort any search results my date or title, and you can save your searches (if you sign up as a member) and receive email updates when new documents arrive that fit your saved search criteria.

So how does this search function work? 

Well, there are 5 categories of search criteria:

  • Location
  • Document Type
  • Buliding Sector
  • Building Type
  • Rating Type
  • Disclosure Type

Each of these categories has 2-10 criteria which you can select as part of your search. Our definitions of these search terms can be found on our Glossary page. For example, if you selected the search criteria shown here (at right) by checking the Commercial, Office, Mixed-Use, and Asset boxes as shown, your search would turn up documents related to commercial asset ratings in mixed-use and/or office bulidings. 

The numbers next to each search criterion indicate how many documents we have with that particular tag. They do not, at this moment, change with the results of your search. They are static quantities always reflecting the tags on all documents in the database.

You may also search by entering keywords. This function will comb our database for any use of the word or phrase entered. It can be used independently of the clickable search criteria or in conjunction with them.





If you would like more information about our search functionality, or have questions or comments about using, pelase contact our webmaster.