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AB 1103 Alert! CEC Postpones Enforcement of Next Phase of Compliance until July 1, 2015

Based on AB 1103 staff recommendations during today's monthly Business Meeting, the California Energy Commission approved postponing implementation of the next phase of AB 1103 regulations. Those buildings of 5,000 square feet up to 10,000 square feet will not have to comply with AB 1103 until July 1, 2015. No change is being made in the existing implementation schedule which currently includes specified buildings 10,000 square foot or larger. The CEC has also announced the formal creation of an Informational Proceeding to evaluate AB 1103 implementation to date beginning with a workshop July 2, 2014 in Sacramento. San Diego Energy Desk presented some remarks during today's meeting which included recommendations for improving the AB 1103 compliance regulations (See the Text on and will continue to monitor the progress of this initiative to keep our clients up to date.

Effective Date: 
19 June 2014