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IPEEC Buildings Energy Efficiency Taskgroup



The International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation (IPEEC) is a high-level international forum that provides global leadership on energy efficiency by identifying and facilitating government implementation of policies and programs that yield high energy-efficiency gains. IPEEC also aims to promote information exchange on best practices and facilitate initiatives to improve energy efficiency. Founded in May 2009, IPEEC is a voluntary, high-level forum of developed and emerging economies that represent a significant fraction of the global economy.

IPEEC’s Buildings Energy Efficiency Taskgroup (BEET) was established in 2013 to increase multilateral cooperation in the field of buildings energy efficiency, specifically in relation to:

  • The development and implementation of national building energy efficiency rating systems; and,
  • Enhance the development of instruments that enable effective implementation of energy efficiency policy measures

The first event of the BEET was held in Paris on 29 May 2013.  The following items from that workshop are available:

A follow-on workshop, hosted by the Center of Science & Technology, part of China's Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD), was held in Beijing on 28 October 2013. All of the presentations from that workshop can be found here.


Building Energy Performance Metrics: Supporting Energy Efficiency Progress in Major Economies

Delivering Energy Savings in Buildings: International Collaboration on Building Energy Code Implementation

Building Energy Rating Schemes: Assessing Issues and Impacts

The next stage of work for the BEET is preparation of a “State of Play” report on Building Energy Rating Schemes in IPEEC member countries.  

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