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Announcing the Energy Reduction Race, Year Two Benchmarking Results, and Better Buildings Challenge

Today, Mayor Michael Nutter made three major announcements related to the City of Philadelphia’s commitment to reducing citywide energy usage (which accounts for over 60% of greenhouse gas emissions in Philly):

1) The City is launching the Energy Reduction Race, a one-year challenge to Philadelphia’s largest commercial buildings to reduce their energy 5% by September 2015. To learn more about the Race, visit

2) Results for the second year of Philadelphia’s citywide energy benchmarking program are now available on the City’s benchmarking site, Overall, Philadelphia’s buildings continue to outperform their peers nationwide, but there are still considerable opportunities for savings.

3) The City of Philadelphia, along with its partners at the Philadelphia Housing Authority and School District of Philadelphia, are excited to join the Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge, a ten-year commitment to reducing energy in municipally-owned & managed buildings 20% over the next ten years. Visit for more details on the Better Buildings Challenge.

If you have questions about these announcements or are interested in learning more, please contact

Effective Date: 
14 October 2014