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New Green Building Rating System for Data Centres

Channel News Asia
Wed, 2012-10-10

The Building Construction Authority (BCA) and Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) launched a new green building rating system for data centres on Wednesday. 

Certified green data centres are estimated to achieve potential energy savings of up to 30 per cent.

There are over 50 data centres in Singapore. But only three are Green Mark certified. They are Credit Suisse Regional Data Centre, Equinix SG2 Data Centre and the Singapore Tourism Board Data Centre.

Commercial data centres are heavy users of energy. A typical large data centre in Singapore consumes energy equivalent to about 10,000 four-room HDB households.

And given that commercial data centre space in Singapore is expected to increase to 3.6 million square feet by 2015, it is important to look at how green and sustainable data centres are.

Energy cost makes up about 50 per cent of operating costs for data centres. Thus there is potential for significant savings for data centres if they were to go green.

Tax incentives are available for companies who install energy-efficient equipment in data centres.

Second Minister for Environment and Water Resources, Grace Fu, said: "This plan that we have is to encourage our data centre operators to think about using environmentally efficient and friendly products, really, as a 'branding' for itself. I think this will place them in a very good position to differentiate themselves from their competitors."

At an event on Wednesday, Ms Fu also announced the launch of a guide on the Concrete Usage Index.

The guide is an indicator to benchmark and encourage more efficient concrete usage in building works.