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Policy Description:

On December 12, 2016 the Evanston City Council voted 7-2 to enact the Evanston Building Energy and Water Use Benchmarking Ordinance.

Enacted Date:
Authority in Charge:
City Manager
Tool Name:
ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager
Building Types Affected Size Compliance Deadline
Multi-Family, Non-Residential Greater Than or Equal To 100,000 Sq. Feet 2017-06-30
Multi-Family, Non-Residential Greater Than or Equal To 50,000 Sq. Feet 2018-06-30
Multi-Family, Non-Residential Greater Than or Equal To 20,000 Sq. Feet 2019-06-30
Public/Government Greater Than or Equal To 10,000 Sq. Feet 2017-06-30
Condominiums between 20,000 gross square feet and 50,000 gross square feet as defined in City Code Section 5-4-1-7 are not covered by the policy.
The policy does not cover buildings whose primary occupancy is classified as Assembly Group A-5 uses, Factory Group F uses, Storage Group S uses, High Hazard Group H uses, or Utility and Miscellaneous Group U uses, as defined by Chapter 3 "Use and Occupancy Classification" of the International Building Code adopted pursuant to City Code Section 4-2-1. The City manager may exempt from the benchmarking requirement the owner of a covered building that submits documentation establishing any of the following: 1. The building is presently experiencing qualifying financial distress, as defined by any of the following: 1) the building is the subject of a qualified tax lien sale or public auction due to property tax arrearages, 2) the building is controlled by a court appointed receiver, or 3) the building has been acquired by a deed in lieu of foreclosure; or 2. The building had average physical occupancy of less than fifty percent (50%) throughout the calendar year for which benchmarking is required; or 3. The building is a new construction and the building's certificate of occupancy was issued during the calendar year for which benchmarking is required.
Number of Buildings Affected:
Floor Area Affected:
45,600,000 Sq. Feet
Required Transparency:
Transparency Method:
Public Website
Transparency Trigger:
Date Certain
Required Reporting:
Reporting Trigger:
Date Certain
Reporting Frequency:

Utility Requirements/Support:

Utility Requirements/Support:


Prior to the first benchmarking deadline in City Code Section 4-22-5 and prior to each third benchmarking deadline thereafter, the owner of a covered building must ensure that reported benchmarking information for that year is verified by a certified professional. Such verification must be in a form of a signed statement by a certified professional attesting to the accuracy of the information. The owner of a covered building must produce such statement for the most recent year in which verification of reported benchmarking information was required upon a written request by the City manager or his/her designee.


Compliance Enforcement:
Penalties for Non-Compliance:
Any person who violates any provision of this Chapter will be fined one hundred dollars ($100) for each such offense. Every month a violation continues will be deemed a separate offense.
Additional Program Information:
Water Use Tracking: