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Policy Description:

Executive Directive No. 2005-4 directed the Michigan Department of Management and Budget to establish an energy efficiency savings target for all state buildings managed by the Department or another department or agency within the Executive Branch of state government.  Buildings were required to attain a 10% reduction in energy use by December 31, 2008 and a 20% reduction in grid-based energy purchases by December 31, 2015, when compared to energy use and energy purchases for the state fiscal year ending September 30, 2002.

Additionally, the Directive ordered the Department to implement Energy Conservation Measures and the following best management practices to improve energy efficiency On or before December 31, 2006:

1. Establish a program for an energy analysis of each state building identifying opportunities for reduced energy use, the cost, and associated savings for each, including a completion schedule for the energy analysis program.  Under the program, the Energy Star assessment and rating program shall be extended to all state buildings occupied by state employees.

2. Establish a program to perform regular maintenance on all lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, including, but not limited to, lubricating, balancing, aligning, vacuuming, cleaning, and checking seals, to ensure optimum efficiency.

3. Establish a program to evaluate the feasibility of converting to more energy-efficient lighting systems, including goals for making cost-effective lighting efficiency improvements that reduce electricity costs and maintain illumination quality.

4. Establish policies and procedures to identify and eliminate air infiltration and improve thermal insulation in building exteriors, such as walls, windows, doors, ceilings and floors.

5. Establish policies and procedures to reduce unnecessary use of lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, and to control thermostats to maximize energy savings while also providing occupant comfort.

6. Establish policies and procedures to maintain, monitor, and control systems that use water to reduce waste.

7. Establish policies and procedures to ensure the energy-saving feature in all Energy Star compliant electronic office equipment is activated, unless enabling the feature will hinder the performance or security of the equipment.

Authority in Charge:
Michigan Department of Management and Budget
Tool Name:
ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager
Building Types Affected Size Compliance Deadline
Public/Government ALL 2006-12-31
Required Transparency:
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Utility Requirements/Support:




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