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Koà ¡ice, Slovakia, photo by FarkasB
Policy Description:

Ministerial Decree of Ministry of Construction and Regional Development of SR N° 364/2012 Coll. (sets the technical standards is aslo refered in Decree)

Authority in Charge:
Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development
Tool Name:
Energy Certificate
Building Types Affected Size Compliance Deadline
Single-Family, Multi-Family, Non-Residential ALL
Public/Government Greater Than or Equal To 500 Sq. Meters
Public/Government Greater Than or Equal To 250 Sq. Meters 2016-01-01
Required Transparency:
Tenants, Buyers
Transparency Trigger:
Point of Transaction
Transparency Trigger Events:
Purchase/sell (on demand), Rent (on demand)
Required Reporting:

Utility Requirements/Support:

Utility Requirements/Support:




Compliance Enforcement:
Penalties for Non-Compliance:
Certified expert subject to penalty up to 5000 Euro by state inspection authority if energy certification was not following Act 555/2005 Coll. ammended by Act 300/2012 Coll., OR (see compliance notes)
OR following technical standards determining calculation, minimum requirements, mandatory design and content of energy certificate. Legal entity may be subjected to a fine of 500 - 3000 Euro when failed to display energy certificate on a clearly visible place in a building with high frequency of visitors. This applies to an entity which owns building occupied by public authorities or institutions providing public services to large number of persons. The same fine applies to a natural body that owns apartment house or another residential or non-residential building for the purpose of renting. Fines apply when the owner neglects following obligations: • Owner is required to obtain a certificate • The owner of the building is required to keep the energy certificate for the duration of its length of validity • At selling the building, a valid energy certificate must be handed over to the new owner • At renting the building, an approved copy of the energy certificate must be handed over to the tenant • EC must be prominently displayed so that it is visible for tenants, accommodated persons or employees • Owner´s responsibility is to ensure that the periodic control of boiler and air conditioning equipment is being held.